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Uploaded January 21, 2016, with 230+ YouTube views and 70+ SoundCloud views


This is a song I dedicate to those who are going through a hard time in life. There will always be someone there for you. I will be there for you. Please, stay happy for the people who love you.

— Tanacta


Aiko on the mix
Yeah uh
They don't know what's really inside
But I know what you trying to hide
Those feelings that nobody heard of
The ones that you're afraid of
It's ok 'cuz we all have demon
The ones we wishin'
To go missin'
But you gotta be happy
Yo Anta, tell it how it is

You can be happy
I know it's crazy
Through this melody
I know you will see

The path that you pave
I will try to save
The soul that you hold
I'll warm when it's cold

Come on show the world that you can be
Just smile. Let the feeling heal you
Your life will be easy when you are
(Whoa) Show me you are strong

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